Either you’re moving forward, or you’re not.

5 Steps For Explosive Business Growth

  1. Know Your Destination, and it’s not the one you think.

Everyone talks about goals. Setting and achieving and then repeat. That is exactly the problem. Goals are meant to be so deeply tuned that they drive you to take actions you have never taken before, and you feel so energized in the process, that your comfort zone expands every week, and it shows in your business and profits. Your destination is not your goal. Your destination is the experience you crave deep inside, with a very clear purpose, timeframe, and emotional clarity about what that would feel like to be there. People fly across the world for Disney World, only because they imagine the feeling and experience of being there. That is what makes it worth it and they will spend incredible time, effort, and money to reach that experience. Imagine the impact on your business (and person life) if you knew exactly how to utilize this step!


  1. Process Over Content. We live in a time of information overload, there is so much content out there, yet we are starving for wisdom. Remember this: it’s not about what you know, it’s how well you execute it. It’s process over content. The knowledge, education, skill won’t get you to the next level. It’s the process of how to put all the factors in place, maximize your skill, and consistently leverage your time, money, and resources that will get you to the next level success.


  1. Get Certain

Even if you do know exactly what to change, without strong confidence to do something you have never done, it is all too easy to procrastinate. Confidence comes from experiences where you have shown yourself that you can perform and achieve in the moment you need to. But what if you’re doing things you’ve never done before, how do you get confident then? The answer is you get certain. You change how you feel, change your focus, and change your physiology, and if you know how to do it, you can instantly change your level of certainty. Check out my YouTube videos on anchoring. It’s what pro-athletes and professionals use to “get into state” when they need to perform. Certainty gives you power to make decisions and get new level results.


  1. Innovative Marketing

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. As social beings, we tend to follow the trend. It’s the easy way down the river, yet it’s the opposition that gets the most marketing. It is okay to be contrarian, there I gave you permission. Just because “everyone else” is using a social media platform or marketing tool, or sharing a similar message, it’s the one who shares what is different that gets the attention. Think about it. The politician that says something different than the norm, the company that does the unexpected (Uber showing up at JFK after a rally. Lyft decided not to “protest” by not picking up passengers). The media spread the story and both companies gained millions in free advertising, neither paid for an ad. I doubt they did it for the marketing purpose, but they did it in a creative way where they stood for their company values, and it paid off. This leads to the next step for business growth.


  1. Be AUTHENTIC. It’s who your target clientele want you to be.

In a world that is so focused on image, it can be compelling to try to show the best side of the picture, even if that means editing and cropping so it appears to be picturesque while in truth it is far from it. We see celebrities who appear to have it all, and yet we regularly hear how this one has a scandal, divorce, additions problems, arrests, etc. It is only a “scandal” because it’s drastically different than the image they portray social media.
The key is to share the side of you that you would share with a friend, share your struggles, okay, not all of the deeply personal ones, but at least some of them. Struggles in your business, daily experiences, frustrations and challenges that you feel your target clientele could relate to, and share how you got through it. People buy from those they feel connected with, and they feel connected when they hear about how you are a real-life person (not a reality TV personality) that faces challenges. Be genuine in your words, share emotion. Share the story behind what made this a particularly challenging situation for you. Remember: “Facts tell, stories sell.”

If you want to learn the PROCESS, step by step, how to leverage these steps to get results TODAY in your business, call Isaac to make an appointment. Imagine achieving your goals and celebrating with those closest to you. You will feel amazing!

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