Is your mind racing…

…about how to prepare for your meeting, or your date?
When people show up for work on Monday morning, do you walk through the office door that morning and leave all of your stuff behind you as you step through that door?

If you are like most people, you bring it with you when you go to work, the gym, the meeting, or the date. Whatever is unsolved is unresolved. And it stays that way and weighs on your mind until you get the clarity and take the actions necessary to move forward.

You’re still thinking about the kids, the fight they had, what mom or dad said to them, how they can’t stand this or that. They might have come to work that day, but half of them is somewhere else. Whatever a person is going through and thinking about, they bring it with them wherever they go.

Now how creative, productive, and focused do you think someone is when they come into work with 50% of their mind somewhere else, still trying to work through all that went on in the last few days?  How much value is being lost on employees or directors whose body is here but mind is there? What if there was a simple, practical process they could do that would totally bring their thoughts, stresses, and focus together, and get their 100% presence in less than 60 seconds?

The Check-in Process:

Sit up in your chair or make sure you are in a comfortable place wherever you are.

Close your eyes and imagine you are about to step into the next activity or the next part of your day.

Imagine yourself about to walk into that next activity, and take a moment, take a deep breath in, filling up your stomach, and as you breathe out release with your breathe any of the thoughts, that were just on your mind, and ask yourself “What is the ideal outcome of this next activity I’m about to step into?” And whatever that ideal outcome is, just give yourself that joy and the pleasure of feeling a perfect result. What does it look like when that ideal outcome is achieved? What sounds do you hear? What are people saying to you or are you saying to yourself? How does that feel?

Allow yourself to feel totally present. Feel your mind and your thoughts, enjoying this ideal outcome, and feel your body ready to step into this activity. Imagine that whatever your ideal outcome is has already occurred, and you are certain that it will work out. Feel energized about that.

As you see yourself about to take that next step into the activity, imagine yourself letting go of whatever has been going on and whatever has been on your mind. Imagine magically stepping out of that old you, into a totally new you. You are stepping into complete clarity, and you are ready to take on the next task at hand. Feel refreshed, energized, and focused.

And when you are ready, open your eyes.

By implementing this simple daily practice, I guarantee you will be able to take on any task or obstacle that comes your way with a stronger sense of peace and presence.

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