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You’re in the right place, because you are exactly who I work with.

  1. Have more fun, less stress
  2. Clarity on what you really want to do and how to do it
  3. Actually BE the person who you really want to be
  4. Find AND keep the love of your life
  5. Doing what you truly love
  6. Find Meaning and Purpose in your situation
  7. Resolve Conflicts and fighting in less than 5 minutes
  8. Inner Peace- with yourself and your health
  9. Outer Peace- in your relationships, work, and distractions
  10. Lose weight, feel more confident in your body
  11. Fund and fulfill your dreams

Anthea A.

Counselor, Dubai

I procrastinated a lot…Anxiety and stress were becoming more and more a part of who I was…And just 7 sessions later I am feeling brand new… Isaac is such a professional coach and has compassion truly believing in my value and is very firm – challenging me during every session and he tells me like it is. He respects my time thus living out what he teaches his clients and this is an example that has challenged me so much. Thank you, Isaac. Here’s to being the best version of me #thankstoIsaacBardos

Ashley F.

After a few months of coaching with Isaac I’m rediscovering myself and working towards realistic goals with his informed, direct and gentle guidance. People around me are noticing a difference and tell me that ‘whatever I’m doing is working.’ This change is entirely thanks to weekly coaching with Isaac!

Joseph F.

Entrepreneur, Former Corporate Employee, Las Vegas, NV

My entire life, I have been working for others, pleasing others, and pushing off doing what I would truly want. The problem was I didn’t even know what I truly wanted, but I what I did know was that my current daily life wasn’t it. I wanted a job where I 13 could make a living while feeling I’m alive. I had just met someone and for the first time I wanted to be in a serious relationship. I soon realized I wasn’t prepared for that because, well, my family and background had never prepared me for a healthy marriage. All in all, my life as pretty good.

Sarah Seymour

Midwife, Entrepreneur

Isaac is a great coach. He knows just what to say to get the best out of me and help to take the next step forward. One thing I really like is that he gives me weekly assignments which I send to him by email and he actually reads them prior to our session. This means he knows what progress I’ve made during the week and he refers to it during the session. We can cover a lot of ground during our sessions because he has a lot of information at hand and he can build up new strategies by bringing in examples from my whole week, not just what I’ve managed to share during the session. I really like his style. He is warm and friendly yet is firm when required to break through barriers. I recommend him warmly.

Jefrey Taylor

Professional Entertainer, Headliner Musician

I am marveled at the amount of things that have come together and have been accomplished since I started this 10 weeks ago… I have learned that if I stay in motion and my mindset is focused on figuring out the puzzle and being open to the signs that come my way as well as being patient I will achieve what I desire…Your coaching has taught me that I can make it happen!

Alex Miller

Before working with Isaac I was not happy with where I was at in my life. I was dating unsuccessfully and not getting what I wanted out of life. After working with him for a year now, I am happy, in a long term relationship and getting more of what I want out of life and in my career. He has given me the tools and guidance to help me build a better life. I am very grateful to have his guidance.


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